Monday, February 1, 2010


Yumm. Tonight I took a class called "Crazy for Cupcakes," put on by a local bakery called Babycakes that specializes in cupcakes. There were a total of 7 students. We learned the recipes for, and then made, both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. Then, the owner brought out Italian butter cream frosting, chocolate butter cream frosting, and toppings and we frosted/topped our cupcakes. Each of us took home a dozen cupcakes; 6 of each type. Since I'm watching what I eat, I plan on taking my cupcakes in to work tomorrow to share with my coworkers. I've already signed up for the next class called "Top that Cupcake." In that class, I'll learn the recipes for the frosting and will learn to pipe the frosting onto more cupcakes. YUMM!


  1. Yummy! The cupcakes looks great. Is this a class in Sacramento?

  2. Yes, it's in Sacramento, offered through the Learning Exchange (which is similar to the CARD program).