Friday, January 13, 2012

Mug Rugs for Your Sweetie

First, let me start out with saying please excuse my photography skills. I believe I've established from prior posts that photography isn't my thing. Regardless, I had to take pictures to share with you my latest mug rugs. In combination with the mugs I found, I think they are fabulous. I love them!

Mug rugs are fun to make, are a quick little project and the fun continues when you hunt for the perfect mug to go with the rug. I must admit, though, that I've often wondered what should come first - the mug or the rug. Anyway, if you are in the mood for a mug rug sew fest, you can find tutorials to mug rugs here, here and here. A quick Google search will lead you to many other mug rug tutorials as well.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Choosing the Right Quilting Design for Your Quilt

After finishing our quilt top, many of us, including me, struggle with how to choose a quilting design to finish up our quilt. If you are in the same camp as me, please check out the eclass called Quilt Whisperer. I've taken this eclass and it was a big help in determining the final quilting design. The class starts today, but the instructor says new students can usually add during the first week. Happy designing!!