Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wine anyone?

If you get a chance, visit Fuzio's Universal Bistro in Sacramento. For the last month or so I've been visiting them on Tuesday nights for wine tasting. Each month they feature a different winery. Last month they featured wines by Due Vigne (www.duevigne.com) and I left with a bottle of their 2005 cab, which I highly recommend (I have hidden away for a special occasion.) Last week, Maddi's husband Jeff accompanied her to help pour and they were just preparing to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary. Congrats to you two! This month Fuzio's is having a whole slate of specials including a special wine (go online to fuzio.com to get the secret "word" for a fabulous discount), a raffle, and fire-grilled pizzas on Saturday Sept 5th for $3.00. I'll leave you wih a pic of Maddi and Jeff, and a pic of Due Vigne bottles lined up for pouring. Take care and keep in touch. Next up, pictures of my design wall and crafty items I've been working on.

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