Friday, November 19, 2010

Quilting the Owl Towel

Yep, I looked over my "finished quilts for 2010" and was horrified by my surprisingly small list. So, I'm trying to finish up every thing I can before year end. Right now I'm quilting the owl, tea towel that is. Here's two pics of it on my Juki.

If I can get it finished up this weekend, I can display it for Thanksgiving. On the Thanksgiving front, I got the turkey, fresh cranberries and brie cheese today. I'd better make a list for the rest or I'm sure to forget something. BTW, if anyone has a good baked brie recipe please send it my way.

Tomorrow I'll be teaching Beyond Stippling at Honey Run Quilters. Hope to see a few of you there!


  1. The quilting on your little owls looks great! :0)

  2. I just saw the tree skirt that Tracyjay posted ... the quilting looks great and she said it was from your class. Your owls are adorable!

  3. I must say this is even cuter in person. :) Did you get it finished in time?

  4. Love the Quilt very clever and super design.