Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quilts for Babes - Join In!

When I read that Amber of One Shabby Chick was joining forces with Kathy to make and donate small quilts (around 24" x 36") to a hospital's ICU for babies, I knew that I wanted to join in. You see, my baby boy (now 19 years old) was born about 11 weeks early and spent several months in Kaiser's NICU. I wasn't a quilter then, but I certainly am now so what a great way to help out. One Shabby Chick put the call out for 8 1/2" pinwheel blocks (or even small quilts of any style- not just pinwheels). Plus, she's having a giveaway to help sweeten the deal too....for every block you send to her, you get one entry....a quilt will get you 10 entries. The deadline is May 1 so you still have plenty of time to get a block or two, or even a small quilt, whipped up.

Here's a link to a tutorial on making a pinwheel block. For 8.5" square pinwheels you'll need to cut 5" squares of your fabric, which will yield 4.5" half square triangle units. (I always over-cut my squares just slightly, then square up to 4.5".)

I had so much fun making my first pinwheel block quilt that I'm planning another and I'm inviting you to join in the fun on project "Quilts for Babes." Be sure to let One Shabby Chick know that want to contribute and she'll mail you her address. Have a great day!

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  1. Thank you so much Debbie...we've both blogged your pics for the quilt you made...such a beautiful and fun quilt! I appreciate so much your blog post too, thanks for joining in!