Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last weekend was so beautiful; I officially have spring fever. I spent Friday morning at the garden shop picking up some flowers and Friday afternoon planting them. Here's a pic of before and after, and also a pic of my "pet" turtle. Finally, I'm including a pic of my little fountain that I built myself! After getting the plants planted, I spent some time clearing out some overgrown areas of the yard and guess what? I'm definitely allergic to something in my yard. I spent Friday night trying not to scratch my skin to pieces and Saturday at urgent care getting a shot for some much needed relief. Now I have an excuse to get out of future yard work! I hope you are enjoying the weather. Even though it rained last night and this morning here in Northern California, I understand that we're back on track for 79 degrees on Friday. Yeah!


  1. Looks beautiful! Sorry about the itching.

  2. Oh bummer! Or not :) I too am sorry about the itching...maybe it was an insect bite?