Monday, October 12, 2009

Good stuff

Hi friends. This post isn't about quilting, sewing or crafting, but it is about GOOD STUFF! With the weather changing (and the big storm headed this way this evening), don't you want to be warm and cuddly at night? Well, I have two words for you: Fleece Sheets! No kidding, check them out at Costco. Last year I bought my son some fleece sheets and he said he loved them. This weekend I was cruising the Costco aisles (obviously I was without my DH) and came across King fleece sheets, about $35.00 in the store. I can only say - WOW! I absolutely love them. Now, for more GOOD STUFF. For quite some time, I've followed the Bakerella blog. Now Bakerella has its own website and you need to check it out. Today they featured snickerdoodle cupcookies (my phrase, not theirs). But how cool! It is certainly on my "to make" list. I mean really, have you ever meet a snickerdoodle that you didn't like? Now image a snickerdoodle cupcake with snickerdoodle cookies on top. Wait - I just gained 2 pounds thinking about them. But with the cold, wet weather barreling in, doesn't it sound nice to stay indoors, get the fireplace going and bake? OK, that's it for now. Let me know if you 1) get fleece sheets and 2) make snickerdoodle cupcookies. Stay warm and dry!


  1. I think those cupcakes look like they have enough sugar in them to put me in a diabetic coma from here LOL!!!

  2. One for you one for me one for you one for me!!