Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Arm Out (of commission)

Here's a pic that looks quite a bit like I've looked over the past few days. Except this person doesn't appear to be crying from the pain, like I have been.

Turns out that I've torn some tendons in my left arm so I've gotten nothing accomplished during the last week. So, instead of sharing with you what I've been working on lately, I thought I'd share what I haven't been working on - here's pics of a few of my ufo's:

30's Reproduction Blocks from several block swaps:
Bali blocks from a block swap:
Blocks with a butter-colored background from a block swap (why did I participate in so many block swaps?):
Grandma's flowers:
A half-made sunflower I made after taking Melinda Bula's class:
Blocks I won in the quilt's block of the month activity.

Oh my, I'm starting to get worried about all these ufo's. And this is just the start of them!


  1. Oh so sorry! What were you doing to tear tendons?! It sounds quite painful. Take care ...

  2. All of the UFOs are good incentive to get well! Follow Drs orders and feel better soon!