Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Vacation

Hi friends. Good news on 3 counts. First, the orthopedic specialist gave me a shot of cortisone and prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy. Hopefully this will take care of my torn rotator cuff without surgery. Second, the swelling in my shoulder has gone and I have regained movement in my arm. Yea! Third, since my art is better, I'm able to go on vacation. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning. Six of us are heading to Bodega Bay to spend 5 days QUILTING. I'm so excited. This is the second year that we will have rented a huge 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with a gigantic dining room table that we'll set our machines up at. I have above 15 ufos packed up and ready to go. I hope that I am super productive as I have a lot of projects to finish. Here's a few pics of the house we'll be staying in. When I return, I post pics of my finished projects (positive thinking!) Have a great week.


  1. looks wonderful! Have so much fun!!! :) (Hope the shoulder serves you well)

  2. I plan on dive bombing right into that hot tub! I'm so excited. glad your shoulder is better. See you bright and early! Marsha

  3. Have lots of fun, but take care of the arm! Don't overdo it.