Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Easy Scallops

A friend asked me how I made the scallops on my Bunny Hill Designs quilt (see pic below) so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share with you my new toy, I mean tool. I purchased EZ Quilting's Easy Scallop, by Darlene Zimmerman after I saw a demo of it at the Pacific International Quilt Festival. It is incredibly easy. It comes in two sizes and allows you to make scallops from 4" to 12." First, you measure the length of your border, decide on the number of scallops you want, and divide the border length by that number. This gives you scallop size and you simply set the tool to the scallop size and you're ready to mark your scallops. For the scalloped inner border, I cut a piece of freezer paper to the length of my top and bottom borders, and another the length of my side borders. Next, I marked the scallops onto the freezer paper and cut out them out. Then, I used the freezer paper and starch technique to finish the edges of the scallops. Finally, I put the yellow scallops on top of the darker border and appliqued it in place and then cut away the darker fabric from the back. Super simple. I hope this was helpful.


  1. That looks so much easier then the big scallop ruler I have. I like that you can dial up a size. I going to look for one.

  2. I have this tool and used it for a scalloped edge for binding..this is another great way to use it...thanks for the tip!