Monday, October 25, 2010

PIQF 2010 - Treasures and Tips

Believe it or not, I'm still recovering from our fun-filled weekend at Pacific International Quilt Festival. For those of you who follow me, you know that Pam (Library Gal Quilts) and I went to PIQF. Thanks to all of you who have inquired about or ordered our mixed-metal quilters jewelry, we've been quite busy. I am just now sorting through all my treasures and wanted to share them with you, along with a few tips that I picked up at the show. From Fig Tree threads, I picked up the cutest Berry Sweet Bag kit. It's funny how a mother of two grown boys would be so attracted to a strawberry bag, but I went back to it three times and finally decided that I had to have it. I think I'll make it for myself, paired with jeans I think it will be sooooo cute. I also love the owl patterns, so when I saw these, I was all over them. I especially appreciate the mini kit, with all the pattern pieces already fused and cut out. That should make this a very quick, but very quick project. And what a cute idea for a quick baby gift, the Minkee Binkee kit. I also bought the Bitty Buddy, sure to come in handy just about anywhere I sew or quilt; and the Curve Master, a presser foot that really does sew curved seams quickly without pinning. For those of you who have taken my free-motion classes, you know that I am a big fan of the Supreme Slider. Well, I picked up a Sew Slip, which is similar, but larger, has a larger needle opening, is thinner, and less expensive. Thanks to Nancy Hepp, I'll have one for demo at my upcoming classes. Finally, I learned that a Chopping Mat from the Dollar Tree (two for a dollar) make good tracing templates. (Thanks to Sharon Pederson for that tip.) I've already cut out the templates for the Berry Sweet Bag!

That's it for me. What have you been up to? Do you have any tips that you care to share?


  1. Those little purple baskets were intriguing to me too. I passed on buying one, but now I wish I had gotten one for myself! You will like that Curve Master foot I think. I have one, and it makes a difference.

  2. That strawberry bag is too cute. Can't wait to see you with it.

  3. Love the strawberry bag - absolutely on my "want" list...I'm a recent follower (yes, through Nicole) and love your blog! I'm more of a stitcher than quilter, but am quickly adding the quilting addiction to the top five!!